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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2014)


Resurrecting the Mecca of Waseda Theater!

Long-awaited opening of the Waseda Small Theater Drama-kan next spring

Image of the Drama-kan

Ever since the Waseda Cultural Arts Theater Plaza Drama-kan was demolished in 2012, local citizens, alumni and Waseda students who are aspiring thespians have called incessantly for the construction of a new drama theatrical facility. In April 2015, the Waseda Small Theater Drama-kan will open at the site of the demolished building as a new theatrical facility for use by student theater clubs and other groups.

Tadashi Suzuki, Waseda Small Theater founder and internationally-known director (1966 graduate of Waseda’s School of Political Science and Economics), gave consent to the use of the name Waseda Small Theater. President Kamata had the following comment: “I, myself, belonged to a theater circle when I was a student and have special memories of the theater. I hope that the beacon of Waseda Theater will be further evolved, that many theatrical people will go out into the world from this theater, and that it becomes a major hub in Japan’s small theater movement.” We hope that the facility will make “Waseda of Theater” even livelier and become a new symbol in the town.