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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2014)


Teaching film-related courses

Film director Hirokazu Koreeda appointed as Professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering

Director Koreeda (left) meets with President Kamata for his appointment.

From April 2014, film director Hirokazu Koreeda (graduate of the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I) will serve as Professor at the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering. Director Koreeda will teach a variety of courses related to film, mainly at the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering. Courses include “Masters of Cinema--All about Film,” which features lectures by famous professionals who support Japanese film, and “Producer Theory,” which gives students the opportunities to study the essence of film production together with producers of hit movies. Koreeda will also serve as management coordinator for the course “Moving picture arts and sciences,” one of the shared academic minors across entire university established by the Global Education Center.

“I hope to produce professionals who can widely understand images of film and television, where my career began, and will someday be active not only in production but also in other fields while possessing well-educated literacy,” said Director Koreeda when expressing his aspirations. Under the guidance of new Professor Koreeda, even more students can experience thorough education.