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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2014)


US-Japan Research Institute (US-Japan NPO) including Waseda University and 7 other Japanese universities

International symposium focusing on the Abe administration’s foreign diplomacy and security strategy

Panelist debate in front of a packed audience.

On December 12, the Waseda University International Conference Center hosted an international symposium which reviewed and evaluated the diplomacy and security strategy of the Abe administration, which was about to complete its first year.

In keynote speeches, Michael Armacost (former U.S. Ambassador to Japan) gave an overall high grade to actions taken by the Abe administration, referring to the importance of US-Japan relations. Itsunori Onodera (Japanese Minister of Defense) expressed his opinion regarding the need for Japan to establish self-defense capability in response to changes in the nation’s security environment, as well as to engage in dialogue with nearby countries.

The panel discussion was moderated by Koji Murata (President of Doshisha University). During the discussion, Shotaro Yachi (Visiting Professor at Waseda University; first Director of the National Security Agency) raised issues including “strategic patience” in relations with China and Korea. Also contributing to the lively discussion were Professor Fumiaki Kubo and Associate Professor Satoshi Ikeuchi (both from the University of Tokyo), Professor Chikako Ueki (Waseda University), Professor Hiroshi Nakanishi (Kyoto University), Professor Takashi Terada (Doshisha University) and Armacost.

The conference center was filled to capacity with approximately 460 people in attendance. This showed the high level of interest towards the issues discussed.