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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


Start of full-scale job searching activities for hiring in spring 2015

Career Center holds a corporate information sessions on Waseda Campus

The Career Center held the first of corporate information sessions on the Waseda Campus on December 1, a date set in the Keidanren’s ethics charter as the start of public relations activities aimed at prospective students by corporations. 39 corporations and groups which were highly popular among students were present at the session. Venues were packed with about 5,000 students. In December, four corporate information sessions were held on the Waseda Campus. Then, from February to June 2014, a series of sessions will be held by inviting approximately 500 corporations to Waseda.

Beginning with job-searching guidance held in July, the Career Center started full-scale support for job-searching activities. From autumn, a total of about 230 sessions will be held throughout the year. Sessions include industry/corporate research symposiums, self-analysis work, job-searching seminars, seminars for improving interview and group discussion skills, and seminars for understanding industries and professions. Approximately 21,000 students participated in these seminars, all of which have been highly evaluated through student questionnaires. The center also provides job-searching guidance for parents of children who are in an academic year during which students look for employments. Parents are informed of the job-searching record of Waseda students and of how current job-searching activities differ from their own generation. Through the guidance, parents learn the importance of providing a reliable source of support to their children.

Once final examinations are finished, students reach the height of interaction with corporations, including the submission of applications. The Career Center has established a system in which center staff and student career advisors (students who are scheduled to graduate in spring and have already received job offers) provide daily individual consultation on topics such as choosing an industry or corporation, creating application forms and interviewing. “Although hiring conditions are now somewhat brighter, it is still very difficult for Waseda students to find employment at their preferred corporations,” says Administrative Director Shirai of the Career Center. “In order to prepare for employment examinations, I recommend that students spontaneously visit their alumni.”

Students gathered at the corporate information session.

Listening attentively to corporate explanations in the auditorium

Individual consultation (inside the Career Center)