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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


3 fabulous events to experience Waseda in autumn

Waseda Festival, Sports Festival & Waseda Culture and Arts Week

The 2013 Waseda Festival was held by students on November 2 and 3 under the theme of “Earnest Waseda Spirit.” About 160 thousand people attended the festival. Spectators were enthralled by the popular annual attractions including special guests, more than 460 events held on campus and off campus, and the overwhelmingly impressive parade which winds around the periphery of the Waseda Campus. The festival provided excitement from morning until night.

The Sports Festival was held mainly on November 1. On October 13, our school held Tokyo Hike 2013, which was open to the general public, as well as futsal preliminaries. A total of 15 events including boat racing, judo and equestrian events were held at the Waseda Campus Building No. 17 Gymnasium, Okuma Garden, Higashifushimi Campus, Tokorozawa Campus, Memorial Hall and the Kami-Igusa Ground, where the new event “touch rugby” was held. A total of about 3,500 participants enjoyed deepening friendships through exercise under sunny autumn skies.

Waseda Culture and Arts Week aims to transmit our schools culture activities both inside and outside of the university. Fascinating events are held every year. In 2013, 16 events were held from October 14 to 30 including a concert by the Waseda Symphony Orchestra held to commemorate our university’s anniversary, the exhibition “Waseda in the Taisho Democracy Era,” a lecture entitled “Lifelong Learning Rooted in the Community,” a storytelling event “Shigenobu Okuma Depicted Through Traditional Arts,” guided tours of the Waseda campus, and a symposium and film screening for considering revitalization of regional culture/society following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The lively events were packed with participants.

Provided by staff of Waseda Festival 2013

Touch rugby played at the Kami-Igusa Ground

Waseda Orchestra performed songs by Beethoven and Mendelssohn.