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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


Exploring the future of Japan-US partnership and Asian regional cooperation

International symposium held by WOJUSS

On December 3, the Waseda University Organization for Japan-US Studies held an international symposium entitled “Japan and the Emergence of New US-China ‘Great Power’ Relations: Political Tensions and Expanding Labor Force Network” at the Ono Auditorium. The symposium featured lectures by several dozen researchers from Japan, the US, China and Korea.

Discussion among researchers from a variety of countries

After a keynote speech given by Professor Liu Xiao Bo of Columbia University, leading researchers from Tsinghua University (China) and Yonsei University (Korea) were invited to participate in a lively panel discussion regarding “East Asian security,” and “the flow of people among Asian countries and human resource development in Asia,” all under the context of new great power relations. Participating in the panel discussion from Waseda University were Visiting Professor Shotaro Yachi, Professor Kazuo Kuroda, Professor Hironori Higashide and Professor Kazuhiko Yokota. Participants exchanged opinions based on consideration of future international affairs from a variety of perspectives such as the action of great power relations in East Asia, diplomatic/economic relations among countries, relationships with domestic issues of great power nations, and relationships with Japan.

The symposium also provided a basis for implementing more active and comprehensive research for developing policy regarding Japan-US relations within the network of East Asia and the Pacific Rim. In the future, international research councils and symposiums are scheduled to be held frequently.