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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


Recognizing contributions to literature and art

Awards ceremony and celebration held for the Waseda University Shoyo Tsubouchi Award

From left, Ogawa, President Kamata, Ono and Yamada

On November 22, an awards ceremony and celebration were held for the 4th “Waseda University Shoyo Tsubouchi Award,” which recognizes individuals and groups who contribute in a wide range of fields such as literature and art. Yoko Ogawa won the Grand Prize, while Incentive Award was presented to Masatsugu Ono and Wataru Yamada. The 160 guests in attendance offered hearty congratulations to the winners.

“After entering Waseda University, I studied under Professor Tokuyoshi Hiraoka,” said Ogawa when expressing gratitude to her former teacher while speaking at the awards ceremony. “Professor Hiraoka told me to ‘keep writing novels, no matter what path in life you take.’ These words were a great source of strength for me.” Ono expressed his joy at winning the award as follows: “The work performed and literature written by members of the selection committee are a reassuring guide which I look up to and receive encouragement from while traversing the broad field of literature.” Yamada showed his happiness through the following statement: “I am grateful that you placed the spotlight on tanka poetry, a relatively minor field of literature.”