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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


Offering flowers at the relief of Chiune Sugihara

Visit from Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel to Japan

In front of Chiune Sugihara relief

On November 19, Waseda University was visited by Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel to Japan. Kahanoff met with President Kamata and Vice-President Katsuichi Uchida to exchange opinions and information on academic exchange between Waseda and Israel.

Discussion during the meeting included Chiune Sugihara, a Waseda University graduate who is known for using his position of diplomat in Lithuania during World War II to issue visas and save approximately 6,000 Jewish refugees that fled from Europe in fear of persecution from Nazi Germany. Sugihara’s courageous act was in violation of orders from the Japanese government. Kahanoff introduced how Sugihara was bestowed the highest honor of Righteous among the Nations by the Israeli government.

Also present during the discussion were Yuji Yamamoto, LDP member of the House of Representatives, and Jin Matsubara, DPJ member of the House of Representatives, both of whom belong to the “Tomon Chiune Sugihara Honorary Association.” The two members accompanied Kahanoff on a visit to a relief of Chiune Sugihara which was erected on the Waseda Campus in 2012. The visitors offered flowers at the relief.