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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Expressing gratitude to everyone who supports Waseda supports

Holding the 2013 Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi-Fushimi

The “2013 Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi-Fushimi” was held on September 23rd (Autumnal Equinox Day). The Higashi-Fushimi athletic facilities were opened in the Taisho Period as a place for refining both mind and body. Since then, the area has been a sacred spot for Waseda sports, with many Waseda athletes training intently both day and night, while creating sports history in Japan. The Waseda Sports Festival was first held in 2012 as an opportunity for interacting with the community and expressing our gratitude to the citizens and Waseda sports fans who constantly support sports at our university. The festival features a variety of programs for experiencing, watching and learning sports. Notable events are sports workshops, a stamp rally, a special performance by the Junior Waseda Cheerleaders (Teddy Bears), and booths operated by the local shopping association.

The festival was attended by special guests including President Kamata, Mayor Koichi Maruyama of Nishitokyo City, and baseball commentator Mr. Satoru Komiyama (graduated from the School of Education in 1990, and completed program at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences in 2008). The festival was also enlivened by appearances from mascots including the “Waseda Bear,” “Ikoi-na” (Nishitokyo City), “Yuriito” (Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013), and “Rail-kun and Smile-chan” (Seibu Railway Company). Approximately 4,000 people visited the festival, mostly coming as families. In addition to deepening social partnerships and social contribution activities through sports in the Higashi-Fushimi area, the festival was also an opportunity for personal growth of athletes who worked as staff.

“Let’s Ping Pong!” event held by the Table Tennis Club

Commemorative photograph on the American football field