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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Under the slogan of “every little effort makes a difference”

Many students visit Tohoku to support disaster areas

4th-year athletes interact with students from Miyagi Prefectural Motoyoshi Hibiki High School

Two and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Together with “academic support for students in disaster areas” and “reconstruction support through research,” our university has positioned “disaster area support” based on volunteer activities as a pillar of our support. The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) fulfills a central role in these activities and has sent more than 4,000 students to Tohoku.

This year, approximately 160 athletes from 6 of our clubs conducted supports activities in Tohoku. The Waseda University Baseball Club visited 12 high schools in Fukushima Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture in order to provide baseball instruction to high school students. 53 members of the American Football Club travelled to Iwaki City to work in olive fields. The Waseda University Association Football Club interacted with local youths by holding the “Waseda Cup” in Rikuzentakada City. 600 and several dozens of students have already visited the disaster area to conduct volunteer activities such as shoveling mud, clearing debris, support for organizing events, cultural exchange and academic support. Through the volunteer activities, students learn, feel and grow. Their experience in disaster areas now motivates students to give their best effort in academic and extracurricular activities during the fall semester.