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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Base for implementing unique language education at Waseda University

Holding of the first Symposium for/by Language

Reports from students regarding experience in Tutorial English

“Waseda Vision 150” advocates multi-language education as the foundation for the cultivation of global leaders. The first installment of a symposium series entitled “Symposium for/by Language” was held on August 1st. The symposium aims to promote university-wide discussion regarding the orientation of language education at Waseda University.

On the day of the symposium, Professor Michiko Nakano (Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences) gave a report under the theme of “Waseda’s Challenge for Fundamental English-Language Education--Reflecting on 17 Years of Tutorial English.” In her report, Professor Nakano discussed the contents and readily-apparent results of Tutorial English, a program developed and implemented with the goal of cultivating independent students of the English language. She also revealed her aspirations to further improve the Tutorial English program in the future. Next, a panel discussion was held including Professor Fumihito Ando (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences) and students who were enrolled in Tutorial English. The panel arrived at the conclusion that a major theme for Waseda University is how to provide opportunities for students to acquire actual experience using the language which they have studied.