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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Cooperation in cultivating next-generation global leaders

Partnership agreement with Tokyo Medical and Dental University

President Ohyama (left) and President Kamata shake hands after the signing ceremony.

On July 18th, a signing ceremony was held for a partnership agreement between Tokyo Medical and Dental University (President Takashi Ohyama) and Waseda University. In addition to academic exchange for further heightening the level of education and research, the agreement covers a wide range of areas including mutual educational/research activities conducted from a global perspective. In the future, consideration will be given to student interaction including symposiums on the cultivation of global professionals as well as co-hosting of and mutual participation in joint student events. Another area of consideration is an educational partnership which includes workshops, exchange of academic credits and joint classes. Finally, in terms of research, there is discussion of a medical engineering partnership, as well as a partnership between dental faculty from Tokyo Medical and Dental University and engineering/sports science faculty from Waseda University.

On the day of the signing agreement, a joint global symposium entitled “Cultivation of Global Professionals from a Student Perspective” was held as a kick-off event for the agreement. President Ohyama and President Kamata gave keynote addresses regarding the kind of global professionals which must be cultivated at their respective universities. The addresses were followed by speeches given by President Masahiro Fukuhara from the Institution for a Global Society, students from each university, and high school students. Speakers introduced their own experiences while discussing ideal global professionals and the ideal form of cultivation. The speeches were then followed by a panel discussion which focused on models for cultivating global professionals and the education for the cultivation of professionals at each university. There was a lively discussion including questions from students regarding ideal global professionals as envisioned by President Kamata, as well as a statement from attendee Executive Director Suda of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.