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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Board of Audit of Japan with ties to Shigenobu Okuma

Professor Mari Kobayashi becomes first female Commissioner

Professor Kobayashi

The Board of Audit of Japan conducts audits including settlement of national income and expenditures. The board was proposed by Shigenobu Okuma, the founding father of Waseda University and Head Councilor for the Japanese national government. The foundations of the board were established by Azusa Ono, a cofounder of our university. On August 1st, Professor Mari Kobayashi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics) was appointed as the 35th Commissioner after World War II (term of 7 years). Professor Kobayashi is the first woman to hold the position. She is the second Waseda faculty member to be appointed as Commissioner, the first being Vice-President Muneharu Otsuka, who also served as President of the board.

Professor Kobayashi’s areas of expertise are management accounting and public accounting. She places importance upon the function of the Board of Audit of Japan for checking how efficiently and effectively tax income is used within an increasingly complicated social environment. “Upon assuming this important post, I will utilize the knowledge and experience which I have gained from research to benefit Japanese citizens both now and in the future,” said impassioned Professor Kobayashi. “From the perspective of citizens and with the Waseda spirit of anti-elitist philosophy, I will give my utmost effort.”