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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)


Recognizing many years of contributions

Waseda University professors awarded the Commendation by the Minister of the Environment and Commendation by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

The Commendation by the Minister of the Environment was awarded in recognition of environmental conservation activities. Professor Shingo Miura (Faculty of Human Sciences) was awarded this year’s Commendation for Environmental Conservation by the Minister of the Environment. Professor Miura’s areas of expertise include wildlife management and animal ecology, etc. He conducts research on preserving wildlife for future generations while avoiding conflict between wild animals and humans. The current award recognizes how, as an expert in biology and animal ecology, Professor Miura contributed to the promotion of environmental administration through repeated revision of National Biodiversity Strategy, as well as through deliberation at the Central Environment Council in relation to the protection/management of wildlife.

The Commendation by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, which recognizes contribution to the informatization of economic society, was awarded to Professor Toshio Obi (Faculty of International Research and Education). Professor Obi was recognized for his hard work as a member of the ICT Growth Strategy Conference, where he used his knowledge of ICT utilization to help formulate ICT strategic policy in an ultra-aging society. Furthermore, as Chairperson of the National e-Government Promotion Council, he contributed to the spread/promotion of electronic government including online applications in Japan. In the field of telecommunications, Professor Obi helped increase Japan’s presence in international society and promoted strengthened relations with international agencies.

Professor Miura

Professor Obi