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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


To commemorate establishment of Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

Seminar to review issues of cultivating global professionals

The Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies, which was built upon the School of International Liberal Studies, was established in April this year, and a seminar to commemorate its establishment was held on May 23rd.

In the seminar, Hiroshi Kitahara from Denso Corporation gave a lecture titled “issues of overseas management that Japanese corporations are faced with – to cultivate global professionals”. He presented the difficulties of cross-cultural communication in a global corporation and Denso’s actions against them. He told the audience that “English is a tool”, “Open the eyes in the heart to the world and be aware of Japan in the world”, “Difference is natural and there is a need to convey using language”, “Do not lose Japaneseness” and “Ability and mindset to be a global leader”.

Tomonori Shibahara from Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) talked about how to cultivate global professionals in the small- and middle-sized enterprises that are promoting overseas operations. It was a day to think about what was a global professional.