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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


Getting in touch with Japanese culture in Waseda

Holding exhibitions on art and history

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Introducing steps of Donald Keene

“Modern Noh Collection” given by Yukio Mishima

From May 21st, the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum hosted the “Donald Keene Exhibition” to trace the steps of Donald Keene, who is a Waseda University Honorary Doctor and a recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service to Art in September 2012.

The exhibition displayed materials that he selected from his wide range of great works, including his books that introduced Japanese culture such as Noh, Kabuki, and literature of Kobo Abe in English to the world, the works of playwright, Racine, which he enjoyed during his military service in Okinawa, pictures of his young days when he was playing Taro-kaja, etc. (until August 4th).

▶ About Keene, please also read “Message to the Second Century”.

Aizu Museum
Convey the roles of war paintings

“Spirits of war dead, rest in peace, forever”

From May 20th to July 6th, the exhibition, “Manshu Hanaoka-Faces of War Painting II” was held at Aizu Museum. Manshu Hanaoka (1895-1945) was a painter who joined the army, fought in the Manchurian Incident and Shanghai Incident and depicted the scenes of war field. In 2006, his 57 paintings were donated to the Aizu Museum. About half of them were displayed in the “Faces of War Paintings – Series of Work of Manshu Hanaoka” in 2009 and received a great response.

In this year’s exhibition, restoration of the remaining approximately 30 paintings that have never been shown to the public completed and displayed at once. It was a rare occasion for a large number of war paintings to be displayed in one place. It became a valuable exhibition as the paintings were noticeably expressing the propaganda role of paintings during the Asia and Pacific War period.

Waseda University Archives
Exhibit that reflects now and old days of Waseda

Students of Waseda University in the 1930s (Taken by Ken Domon)

On June 21st, the “Exhibition of materials donated in 2012 – Waseda’s now and old days reflected by information materials” began in the 125th Anniversary Room of Okuma Memorial Tower.

The Exhibition displays carefully selected materials that were donated to the Waseda University Archives from people in and outside of the University. Especially at this exhibition, information about Isoo Abe (1865-1949), who taught at the University for a long time, was the first director of the baseball team, and was active as a social activist and politician, was displayed. Furthermore, varieties of materials that show the now and the old days of Waseda, including valuable pictures of school buildings before the war, are displayed. The visitors can enjoy a time slip for a moment. Among the pictures, figures of students that were taken by Ken Domon, one of Japan’s most renowned photographers after the war, during his 20s can be seen (until August 4th).