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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


Thousands of materials such as production notes

Unpublished information materials of Shuji Terayama entrusted to the Theatre Museum

Illustration in the “Notebook of Romy”, an autograph notebook of Terayama

Approximately 5,000 published and unpublished information materials of playwright and poet, Shuji Terayama (graduated from the School of Education, Waseda University), who passed away 30 years ago, were entrusted to our Theatre Museum this spring.

The large collection was stored by Michi Tanaka, who lives in the Netherlands and was Terayama’s secretary and manager over the long period of time. The collection contains autograph manuscripts, scripts, production notes, photographs, articles to magazines, and interview articles, covering a wide range of genre including dramas, playbooks, lyrics, essays, and columns of horse races. The collection also includes his papers from school days, autograph notebooks, albums of his own making, and magazines aimed at particular hobby groups. The materials cover almost all of Terayama’s works and personal life.

These materials provide very important information to understand Terayama’s creative activities, his personality and his circle of friends and give definite impact on the study of Terayama. In the future, the Theatre Museum will carry out a study on Terayama in collaboration with Tanaka and will contribute to the development of study on Terayama.