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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


Utilizing the most advanced technology of storage battery and Cloud

Adopted for the “International Science Innovation Center Development Project”

The “Smart Life Support Innovation Center” proposed by Waseda University was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for its “International Science Innovation Center Development Project as a joint effort between industry and academia, utilizing local resources, etc.”. This Project is to develop a “venue” as the “International Science Innovation Center” to create near-future industrial innovation and to create new industry and employment based on collaboration among industry, academia and government. Out of 59 applications, 15 were chosen.

Our University’s project aims at achieving a sustainable happy society via creation of safe, secure, and comfortable network society and new industry based on the most advanced technologies from the storage battery project (Professor Tetsuya Osaka, Faculty of Science and Engineering) and the Cloud computing project (Professor Hironori Kasahara, Faculty of Science and Engineering). The two projects are our specialized fields. The project will create research and development environment for new battery materials required to develop high volume, highly reliable, and low cost electricity storage system and environment for material evaluation and performance evaluation.