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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


Entrance hall decorated with art works

Completion of a new high-rise school building in Toyama Campus

The high-rise part of Toyama Campus school building No. 33, whose demolition and construction began in 2010, completed this spring, and it was opened for use from the new school year. The building has 11 classrooms, 5 conference rooms, and almost 100 faculty offices. It is for rooms of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Culture, Media and Society. It has one underground story and 16 stories above the ground, and is approximately 60 meters high. Its form is standing out, as it is located on the hill, at the end of the campus’s upslope path. At the entrance hall, tile relief, tile mural decoration, mosaic tile on the floor and glass windows from the high-rise part of old building No.33 are displayed again and shows shadows of old days.

The construction of the lower part of the building No.33 is still on-going. The completion of the entire building is expected to be in August 2014.

Tile relief with abstract pattern

View of Building No.33 from the front of Memorial Hall