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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


In order to cultivate “students with strong aspiration to contribute to the world”

Implementation of the core strategies of “Waseda Vision 150”

We would like to introduce the major strategies that had been taken this year to cultivate “students with strong aspiration to contribute to the world”, which is one of the visions of our mid- to long-term plan, “Waseda Vision 150”, a vision toward 2032 when the University will mark its 150th anniversary.

Sequential introduction of “quarter system”

From April this year, as a part of the “Core strategy 2: Reconstruction of the educational system to cultivate global leaders", we introduced the “quarter system” that divides the school year in 4 terms. With this change, we can expect more internationalization of Waseda University, as it enables us to more flexibly respond to the academic calendar of overseas universities, accept more overseas students and send more Japanese students to study abroad.

The quarter system will also bring a good learning effect as students will take classes twice a week for 8 weeks and study intensively, instead of taking classes once a week for 16 weeks under the semester system. Meanwhile, some classes are more suitable to the more extended time period. Therefore, we will also offer all-year subjects and semester subjects.

During this academic year, we introduce the quarter system for the total of 465 classes (385 subjects) for 6 undergraduate schools, 11 graduate schools and 2 organizations and will gradually increase the number.

Initiation of “Entrance Examination Development Office”

As a first step of “Core strategy 1: Radical reform of the entrance examination system”, we established the “Entrance Examination Development Office” within our Admissions Center on June 1st. Even before this, we already established a constant working group (current “entrance examination development meeting”) and had been deliberating the entrance examination systems. However, in order to establish the system to achieve the core strategy, we established the Office.

The roles of the Entrance Examination Development Office will be, in close collaboration with the “entrance examination development meeting”, to develop investigation concerning entrance examination/development of entrance examination method and provide advice and reform proposals, including 1) examining ways to obtain diverse and excellent students, 2) examining ways to secure diversity in terms of region, culture, language, etc., 3) assessing and improving the current entrance examination system, and 4) developing plans for strategic entrance examination advertisement. And the Office will play a role of promoting constant entrance examination reform.

Image of class schedule for the academic year 2013