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Midsummer Issue (Jul. 2013)


High recognition for long-term achievements and contribution

Two professors from Waseda University received awards

Professor Obi became the first Japanese who received the World Telecommunication Award

At the award ceremony. Professor Obi is second from the left.

For his guidance to the IT industry in Asia, contribution to its development, and leadership to promote outstanding innovation policy, Professor Toshio Obi from the Faculty of International Research and Education, who is also Director of Waseda University Research Institute of e-Government and President of International Academy of CIO*1 became the first Japanese who received the World Telecommunication Award. At the award ceremony in New Delhi, India, on May 7th, he received the certificate of merits from ITU*2 Secretary General Touré, and Sibal, Minister for Communications and Information Technology, India, in front of approximately 300 participants including representatives from industry, government and academia of IT field, diplomatic body and international organizations.

*1: Chief Information Officer
*2: International Telecommunication Union

Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure was awarded to Vice-President Otsuka

On May 9th, the award ceremony of “Conferment of Spring” of this year was held at the imperial palace, and Vice-President Muneharu Otsuka (picture), who is an academic expert in accounting and Professor Emeritus of Waseda University, received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure. This award is the highest rank of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, which is given to those who had been engaged in public affairs for a long time and achieved solid results. Vice-President Otsuka became an inspector of the Board of Audit of Japan in 2002 and worked as Director from 2006 to 2008. His long-term contribution to the public administration was awarded this time. Vice-President Otsuka commented, “I was engaged in the public administration through the fair application of budget for five and a half years at the Board of Audit of Japan, which was established based on a proposal by Shigenobu Okuma and where Azusa Ono worked as the first grade inspector. I am honored that my engagement was recognized in this way.”