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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Outstanding performance by the Ski Team (Men's & Women's)

First-ever victories of men's & women's teams at the same time at the All-Japan Ski Championships

Ski team athletes smile after competing at the All-Japan Ski Championships

The 86th Intercollegiate Skiing Games of Japan were held from February 20th to 25th in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture. The Waseda University Women's Ski Team won the cross-country relay while showing overwhelming strength unrivaled by other teams. The women's team also won consecutive overall victories, capturing the "Chichibunomiya Cup" and "Queen Akiko Title." The Men's Ski Team finished as runner-up for the 2nd consecutive year, despite top athletes being absent due to the World Championships.

Furthermore, the men's team won the 40-kilometer relay in the cross-country distance relay event (Otoineppu Village, Hokkaido) at the 91st All-Japan Ski Championships, which were held from March 19th to 21st. The women's team also won the 15-kilometer relay. It was the men's team's 7th total victory and their first victory in the 71 years since 1942 (first victory after WWII). For the women's team, it was their 2nd total victory and the first in the 5 years since 2008. It was also the first victory of men's & women's teams at the same time in the history of the Waseda University Ski Team. The men's team won the "Emperor's Cup" and the women's team won the "Ski Association of Japan Cup."