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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Audience mesmerized by public reading and lecture

Takashi Atoda discusses his short story "Big Dreams"

Takashi Atoda discusses his own dreams

On December 12th, Takashi Atoda gave a lecture and public reading entitled "Kaleidoscope of Novels-Opening "Big Dreams" at Ono Memorial Auditorium. The event was to commemorate the "Person of Distinguished Service to Waseda University Arts Takashi Atoda Exhibition-Do you know short stories?-" held from December 2012 to January 2013. Prior to Takashi's lecture, his short story "Big Dreams" was read aloud by his wife Keiko, who is a professional narrator and reader. In his lecture, Takashi discussed his path to becoming a writer. "When people go out into the world, they must always carry with them something that is a little different from people until now," he explained while emphasizing the importance of a "motif" which a writer hopes to convey through their novels. Takashi also discussed the difference between short stories and novels. He even disclosed the idea behind his work "Big Dreams." Everyone in the audience listened with great interest.