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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Three institutions supporting Waseda culture

Exhibiting art works and materials that convey the culture and history of Japan and foreign countries

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Introducing Korean theatre from Seoul's theatre neighborhood

The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum is currently holding "Daehangno in the 1980s-Modern Korean Theatre and Seoul," a special exhibition which introduces Korean theatre from the 1980s.

Currently, more than 140 theatres have gathered in the "Daehangno" neighborhood of Seoul, Korea. The theatres have formed a unique theatre town which is unlike anything else in the world. The blossoming of theatre culture in Daehangno began in the 1980s. Our museum's exhibit displays film, posters and pamphlets from ambitious performances that were held during that time. Furthermore, a large amount of photographs introduce how the Daehangno neighborhood has evolved into its current form. In particular, the atmosphere of this theatre neighborhood is skillfully reproduced by a theatre sign hung from the ceiling and a life-size ticket booth erected in the center of the exhibition venue. Today, theatrical exchange between Japan and Korea continues to increase, and the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to learn about modern theatre history in the neighboring country.

Aizu Museum
Painting "Envoy to Rome" sent from museum's collection to Italy

From February 26th to April 1st, Seison Maeda's painting "Envoy to Rome" (see photograph) from the Aizu Museum's collection was displayed at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Italy as part of the exhibition "Arte in Giappone 1868-1945," which was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Istituto Giapponese di Cultura in Roma.

"Envoy to Rome" was donated to our Library by painter Seison Maeda in 1929. The theme of the work is a Tenshō Period embassy trip to Europe by young men. The painting depicts envoy leader Mancio Ito when he had audience with the Pope.

During the 35-day exhibition period, this cultural asset of the Aizu Museum contributed to the long cultural exchange between Japan and Italy.

Waseda University Archives
Special exhibition recalling students who died in battle

On March 25th, a sunny day on which many students gathered for the Commencement, the Waseda University Archives started "From Pen to Sword―70th Years Since Departure of Students for the Front―," a special exhibition held in memory of the 70th anniversary of students being drafted for the Pacific War (the exhibition was held until April 27th). At that time, many current students were enlisted and left the university, never to return. The special exhibition introduces photographs, diaries and letters to family members which were written by 5 students from Waseda. In addition to recalling their time as students, the exhibition recalls what the students felt and thought. The exhibition was featured in newspapers and on television.

On May 20th, a speech was scheduled to be given by alumni Takehiko Ena, who was enlisted into the Kamikaze battalion. (14:45 to 16:15 at Okuma Small Auditorium; no advance registration necessary).