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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Gathering of about 100 business leaders from Kansai

Holding of first Gathering of Kansai Tomon Economists

Scene from the social mixer

On March 1st, Waseda University held the first-ever "Gathering of Kansai Tomon Economists" in Osaka City by inviting alumni who are active in economic circles in the Kansai region (6 prefectures). The gathering was held so that our university's President and other official could directly explain current conditions at Waseda, as well as to create an opportunity for exchange between Tomon economists.

About 100 Kansai business leaders gathered at the event. Following an opening address given by President Kamata, Vice-President Hashimoto spoke about "Waseda Vision 150," a mid- to long-term plan leading up to our university's 150th anniversary. At the social mixer, President Tetsuya Kobayashi of Kintetsu Corporation gave a speech which included strong words of encouragement for everyone in attendance. A toast was given by President Kazuo Sumi of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc. Also attending as a special guest was Mr. Kunishige Kamamoto, Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Japan Football Association, former member of the Japanese soccer team at the Tokyo and Mexico Olympics, and former member of the House of Councilors. Mr. Kamamoto's presence created even more excitement at the festive event. It was an enjoyable and meaningful time for everyone in attendance.