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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


A new project for cultivation of legal professionals based from Waseda Law School

Starting the Waseda Legal Commons Project for cultivating strong legal professionals

Commons functions serving as a platform

From April 2013, the Waseda Law School started the Waseda Legal Commons Project (hereinafter referred to as "WLCP"), a new educational program for cultivating legal professionals. The project was started in cooperation with the "Waseda Legal Commons Law Office," which was founded with core personnel produced by Waseda Law School.

The object of WLCP is to accelerate the production of outstanding personnel who possess clear awareness to a wide range of fields in society. Under the concept of "practitioners cultivating practitioners," the project seeks to realize "2nd-generation education" in which Waseda Law School graduates play a role in education.

The Waseda Law School has promoted the cultivation of "legal professionals who embrace challenges" and has actively provided opportunities for students to study actual legal practice. WLCP seeks to cultivate "strong legal professionals" by providing more experiences in actual legal practice and creating opportunities to take on specific problems at law offices with a deep and complete knowledge of education conducted at Waseda Law School. Also, for lawyers who graduated from Waseda Law School after originally working in other fields and are having difficulty finding employment due to age or other factors, the project also implements a "Lawyer Cultivation System" which enables such lawyers to acquire practical experience at the law offices discussed above. WLCP is attracting attention as a new movement for cultivating legal professionals.