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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Including presentation of the Azusa Ono Memorial Award

A New Start: Holding the Commencement, Degree Confirmation Ceremony and Entrance Ceremony

On March 25th and 26th, the 2012 Commencement was held for undergraduate schools and the Art and Architecture School, and the Degree Confirmation Ceremony for graduate schools. A total of 12,179 students left our university to pursue their future. Despite unfortunate rain on the 25th, the campus atmosphere was brightened on both days by graduates dressed in suits, colorful long-sleeved kimonos and hakamas, as well as the hopeful smiles. Following the presentation of degrees and diplomas, President Kamata offered the following farewell message in celebration of the graduates' future: "I sincerely hope that all of the graduates here today will give outstanding performances as global leaders in a variety of fields throughout society, with the goal or realizing world peace and the happiness of mankind." At the ceremony, 50 Azusa Ono Memorial Awards (including 4 awards to groups) were presented to model students in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the fields of academic studies, art and sports.

Furthermore, on April 1st and 2nd, the 2013 Entrance Ceremony was held to welcome 13,206 new undergraduate and graduate students to our university. The new students attending the ceremony were filled with hope for their future. "Please become familiar with the founding spirit expressed in the Waseda University Mission and follow your beliefs," encouraged President Kamata in his speech at the entrance ceremony for undergraduate students. "I hope that you will boldly embrace many new challenges, will acquire a broad, deep education, and will develop rich humanity at our school." At the entrance ceremony for graduate students, President Kamata quoted the favorite phrase of Shigenobu Okuma: "Young people, press forward with ideals and courage!" President Kamata urged students embarking on a career in research to contribute to the growth of academics by refusing to accept conventional logic. He implored them to always ask questions and to boldly accept challenges in order to pursue the truth.

Representatives of the graduates receive their degrees from President Kamata

New students fill the venue for the undergraduate entrance ceremony

New students taking a commemorative photograph