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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2013)


Waseda’s liberal arts education is the source of ability to foresee changes

Final installment of the Waseda Vision 150 Symposium—Considering Liberal Arts Education

Lively discussion at the symposium

Starting from January 2012, a series of symposiums entitled “Waseda Vision 150 Symposium—Considering Liberal Arts Education” had been held to explore the ideal form of liberal arts education at Waseda University. The final installment was held on December 13th. At the final installment, Vice-President Shuji Hashimoto (Professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering) gave a lecture entitled “Waseda Vision 150 and Liberal Arts Education—Reflecting on Past Discussion.” While reflecting on past discussion, Vice-President Hashimoto touched upon the meaning of “liberal arts education” at Waseda University and introduced measures which are currently being considered. Afterwards, Professor Tatsuyuki Kamio (Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences) facilitated a panel discussion between Vice-President Hashimoto and Professor Aya Yoshida (Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences). The lively discussion featured many questions and opinions.

The 8th and final symposium ended with the following message from Professor Aiji Tanaka (Faculty of Political Science and Economics), Executive Director of the Academic Affairs Division: “I hope that Waseda graduates will develop into leaders who are recognized as having the insight to grasp the heart of matters.”