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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Cultural exhibitions throughout campuses

Various exhibitions held, from historical writings to seals

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Danjuro Ichikawa VIII Exhibition

Scene from the "Danjuro Ichikawa VIII Exhibition"

The "Danjuro Ichikawa VIII Exhibition" was held at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum for the 2-month period from October 2nd to December 2nd. Danjuro Ichikawa VIII was a premier actor representing the later modern period of Edo kabuki. The exhibition featured 11 previously undisclosed works on loan from Datte family of Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Included was a letter by Danjuro VII, who set the "Eighteen Best Kabuki Plays", and expressed joy at how his banishment from Edo was withdrawn due to Tempo Reforms. Also featured were writings by his son Danjuro VIII.

Furthermore, on October 30th, Danjurojo Ichikawa XII was invited to give a theatre lecture entitled "Danjuro Ichikawa VIII: A Brilliant Actor." The lecture reflected on the twists and turns in the life of Danjuro Ichikawa VIII, who committed suicide on the morning of opening day for the Osaka performance. He was only 32 years old and at the height of his popularity.

Aizu Museum
Seal-engraving artists related to Shunjo

5-sided seal
"Shonan, Kogyo, Shunjo, Gomine, Elephant(Zoroku)"
Engraved by Hanu Yoshida

From October 1st to November 17th, the Aizu Museum held an exhibition for the seal collection of Kenkichi Ichijima (otherwise known as "Shunjo "), who was the first Director of the Waseda University Library. The large collection contains 65 stamps. Throughout his entire life, Shunjo's hobby was seal-engraving and he was known for his collection of nearly 1,000 seals. About 700 of these seals were passed down to the Ichijima Shunjo Seal Collection of the former Tomioka Art Museum. As related material, the Aizu Museum exhibition also introduced seal-engraving works by Hanu Yoshida, who worked closely together with Shunjo, Zoroku Hanamura V, who created seals related to the Waseda University Library, Randai Nakamura I, who visited Shunjo at the introduction of Kogyo Terasaki, Keisho Nakai, Haiseki Yamamoto and Kanzan Yamada.

On November 10th, a gallery talk was held by Kyoko Asai, Curator of the Aizu Museum. Ms. Asai gave an easy-to-understand explanation regarding episodes related to Shunjo and the exhibited seals. Attendees listened with great interest.