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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Fully enjoying autumn at Waseda

Events held with great fanfare

Waseda Culture and Arts Week 2012

"Waseda Culture and Arts Week" was held from October 17th to November 1st with the objective of more effectively conveying Waseda culture to society. A total of 11 events were held during the week. "The Dreaming of the Bones" was held as a new modern noh production and a live performance was given the Waseda University Symphony Orchestra. Other events included a "seminar on work-life balance held by fathers who are actively involved in child-raising," as well as a symposium on volunteer projects to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake. This variety of unique university events bustled with many visitors.

Waseda Festival 2012

"Waseda Festival 2012" was held on November 3rd and 4th under the slogan of "Filling hearts with dreams; filling tomorrow with color." It is estimated that approximately 160 thousand people visited more than 400 events.

The festival was held through the full power of Waseda students and also featured the simultaneously-held 59th Science and Engineering Exhibition, as well as the Tokorozawa Campus Festival which was held on October 21st.

Additionally, the Sports Festival was held on November 2nd. Approximately 3,400 people enjoyed refreshing exercise in the sporting events or workshops.

Waseda Culture and Arts Week: New modern noh production "The Dreaming of the Bones"

Scene from the Ending Festival of the Waseda Festival