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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Keynote addresses given by Chairperson Okumura of JCCI and President Seike of Kieo University

Joint international conference held by OECD, APEC and Waseda University

Attendees listen intently to the active debate

For the 3-day period from September 12th to 14th, OECD, APEC and Waseda University held a joint international conference on the theme of "Fusing an Ultra-Aging Society and an Information Society." At the conference, experts from around the world gathered, gave presentations, debated and made recommendations for solving this major global issue of the 21st century. Japanese society has already entered the phase of an ultra-aging society and was used as the main model for the international conference, which was the first of its type in the world. A discussion was held by inviting speakers which included Tadashi Okumura (Chairperson of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)) as a representative of the economic community and Atsushi Seike (President of Keio University) as a representative of Japanese universities, as well as the President of Thammasat University and representatives of 7 international institutions from overseas. A total of 400 attendees from 33 countries listened to the active debate at the conference.