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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Lee Yong-Sop awarded with Honorary Doctor degree at commemorative event

2012 Homecoming Day & Tomon Festival

Mr. Lee Yong-Sops

On October 21st, the 2012 Homecoming Day and Tomon Festival were held in order to deepen interaction and friendship. Alumni were invited to the events.

During a commemorative event at Homecoming Day, an Honorary Doctor degree was awarded to Lee Yong-Sop. As the former president of Hyundai Motor Company, Mr. Lee has contributed to the dramatic advancement of the automobile industry in Korea. Mr. Lee also serves as Chairperson of the Korea University Alumni Association and has provided invaluable hard and soft support for interaction between faculty, staff, students and alumni in a variety of fields. Also, film director Kohei Oguri gave a speech as a representative of alumni invited to the events. Mr. Oguri graduated from Waseda University 45 years ago. After the events, a Tomon Festival was held featuring the sale of Tomon Festival commemorative goods. Sale proceeds will be used in the "Tomon Festival Scholarship Fund." Other events included the Okuma Juku Tomonkai Special, which was a debate on issues for reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The debate was moderated by Soichiro Tahara. Under a clear autumn sky, all of the events bustled with participation from alumni.