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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Getting to know the appeal of science and engineering, a field which openly accepts female students

Holding of the first Science and Engineering Girls Event

On August 28th, the Science and Engineering Girls Event was held on Nishi-Waseda Campus. The event conveyed the appeal of Waseda's science and engineering, provided information on an environment in which female students can study with peace of mind, and answered questions about student lifestyles. This first-ever event was limited to female high school students who are interested in studying science and engineering at university, as well as the parents of those students. Approximately 70 people attended the event.

An information session was conducted for the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, the School of Creative Science and Engineering and the School of Advanced Science and Engineering. Afterwards, from the perspective of a female researcher, Associate Professor Chiharu Tokoro (School of Creative Science and Engineering, Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering) gave a lecture on the theme of "Women and Research." "For women, there is the possibility that balancing a career with life events will be a turning point in life," said Professor Tokoro when reflecting on her own experiences as a female student studying the sciences and in her current faculty position. "There are many difficult challenges about achieving such a balance. However, I am able to continue because of the joy which derived from overcoming those challenges." Her lecture was encouraging to female students interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Following the lecture, there was a campus tour conducted by current female students in science and engineering, as well as an informal social gathering. The gathering concluded a great number of events which filled half of the day.

Lecture by Associate Professor Tokoro

There was a lively exchange of views at the gathering