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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Waseda University programs selected for MEXT projects

Seeking further improvement of education and research

Re-Inventing Japan Project-Support for the Formation of Collaborative Programs with ASEAN Universities

Two programs from Waseda University were selected for this project. The project seeks to cultivate professionals who will perform globally and of whom Japan can be proud of, as well as to ensure the quality of academic record management and mutual recognition of university credits in an international framework. Furthermore, the project provides priority financial support to other projects for overseas study by Japanese students and projects for forming inter-university exchange, such as exchange with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) universities that strategically accept foreign students. Waseda University plans to conduct two programs: "BUILD-UP Cooperative Education Program for Global Human Resource Development in Earth Resources Engineering" and the "Cyclical Educational Program for Human Resources Development through Multi-faceted Exchanges by Utilizing Japanese Language Education."

Please refer to the following website (MEXT homepage) for details.

Global Human Resources Development Promotion Project Type A (University Promoted Type)

A Waseda University program has been selected for the project listed above. The aim of this project is to provide priority government funds to projects for organizing systems that promote the globalization of university education. Specifically, global education refers to assisting the youth to overcome their introvert personality and to cultivate professionals who will actively take on challenges and perform on a global level. This will form an infrastructure for enhancing the international competitive ability of industry and strengthening bonds between nations. Including our university, 11 universities were selected for Type A (University Promoted Type). By reforming our entrance examination system and conducting international education such as foreign study, Waseda University plans to cultivate professionals who will contribute to problem-solving on any level, be it global, regional, national or local.

Please refer to the following website for details.

Program for Leading Graduate Schools

A program led by the Waseda University Faculty of Advanced Science and Engineering was selected as a "multidisciplinary (cross-sectional theme) program" for the above project. The program was started from last academic year and aims to instill creative ability and comprehensive thinking ability into outstanding students in order to cultivate global leaders who will be active in industry, academia and government. In order to achieve this goal, leading faculty members and students are gathered from throughout Japan and the world. Through participation from the industrial, academic and government sectors, the program exceeds the boundaries of specialized fields to construct and develop an integrated degree program which spans from the Master's to PhD level and offers world-class quality. The program also supports fundamental reform of graduate school education and promotes the form of graduate schools which are suitable for the most prestigious institute of higher learning.