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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Experiencing robot technology in close contact with humans and daily life

Opening of new RT Frontier

In August, the new RT (Robot Technology) Frontier center was opened in a location close to Waseda Campus. The RT Frontier center allows the public experience the world's highest level of robot technology through direct interaction with robot technology developed during research at our university. One goal of the new RT Frontier center is "coexistence of people and RT." The center provides an opportunity for ordinary people to actually use robots. The center features robots used in medicine and nursing care; for example, robots which support walking rehabilitation and navigation systems for visually-impaired individuals. With cooperation from members of the community, the RT Frontier center conducts research and development for robots which support independent living through close contact with humans and daily life.

At the opening ceremony, Vice-President Shuji Hashimoto (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) gave the following message: "I hope that the RT Frontier center will be a place for thinking together with the community about how to practically apply robot research, how to instill such technology in society, and what topics should be considered by Waseda in the future."

Opening ceremony