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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Recognizing achievements in fields such as total synthesis of natural products

Honorary Fellow Kuniaki Tatsuta receives the 2013 ACS Award

Honorary Fellow* Kuniaki Tatsuta, Wased University Professor Emeritus, has received the 2013 ACS (American Chemical Society) Ernest Guenther Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the total synthesis of natural products.

With more than 160,000 members, the ACS is the world's largest academic society. The Ernest Guenther Award is said to be one of the most prestigious ACS awards. Dr. Tatsuta is the 5th Japanese researcher to receive the award. Several other of the past award recipients have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

"This award is the product of effort by joint researchers, including students, who shared with me the joys and sorrows of research," said Dr. Tatsuta when expressing his delight. "I am grateful to everyone whom I have worked with."

*Honorary Fellow: The lifelong title of Honorary Fellow is given to retired full-time faculty members of Waseda University who have achieved outstanding research results which lead the academic world and who are highly regarded in society.