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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Replicating the original facade of former Building No. 3

Groundbreaking ceremony for Waseda Campus Building D (provisional name)

President Kamata breaks the soil

Campus image after completion of Building D (2nd building from near right)

On September 5th, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for new construction of Waseda Campus Building D (provisional name). The building will mainly be used as a classroom building for the School of Political Science and Economics. Construction will take place on the site of former Building No. 3.

The former Building No.3 had 1 underground floor and 4 aboveground floors. During the 77 years since it was completed in 1933, the building underwent repeated renovations and held a lot of memories for many people affiliated with our university. Building D (provisional name) will now be newly constructed on the site of Building No. 3. The design of Building D creates a sense of harmony with the landscape of a historical zone within our campus, connecting Okuma Auditorium and the statue of Shigenobu Okuma. The plan for Building D calls for preserving a nostalgic appearance for the future. For example, in addition to an exterior which includes replication of the south side of former Building No. 3, existing salt-glazed tiles will be reused in Building D and existing shrubbery such as gingko trees and orange osmanthus will be replanted.