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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Opening of new graduate schools and establishment of new courses

Opening of the Graduate School of International Communication

Waseda University will open the Graduate School of International Communication in the 2013 academic year. This new graduate school will be derived from the School of International Liberal Studies. The graduate school shall seek to cultivate professionals who possess an even higher level of English ability and cross-cultural understanding while also being conscious of cross-cultural differences and understanding a variety of cultures and history.

Students enrolled at the graduate school are expected to contribute to international society in a wide variety of areas as global professionals who work at international institutions such as multinational corporations and the United Nations, and at NPOs, NGOs and other organizations which exceed national boundaries.

Application for establishment was submitted to the MEXT in June. Official approval is scheduled for August.

Establishing the "Elite Coaching Course" at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences

Beginning from the 2013 academic year, the Graduate School of Sport Sciences will offer the Elite Coaching Course as a one-year Master's Program course. This is the 5th Master's Program course of the graduate school, following courses in Top Sports Management, Sports Club Management, Health & Sports Management, and Preventive Care Management.

This course is open to outstanding athletes and coaches that have participated in the Olympics or world championships, and that possess a sufficient foundation to complete the Master's Program in one year. The course features a curriculum which, in a one-year period, will enable students to acquire scientific knowledge and research methods, to summarize their experience and implicit knowledge into the tangible form of a research thesis, and to cultivate the ability to convey such knowledge and information. The course seeks to cultivate even more outstanding sports instructors.