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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Continuing from the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League Spring Championship

4th victory (first in 5 years) in the All Japan University Baseball Championship Series

Team members share their joy!

Upon winning the spring league championship for the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League, the Waseda University Baseball Team represented the league in the All Japan University Baseball Championship Series. In the championship game held on June 18th at Jingu Stadium, our team defeated Asia University (representing Tohto University League) the 4-0 to win our 4th overall victory and first victory in 5 years. Pitcher Kentaro Yoshinaga (1st year student at the School of Sports Science) threw 7 scoreless innings to post his 2nd in the tournament, which was more than any other pitcher. Kentaro was awarded the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in recognition of his fine pitching.

"Our team grew through each game of the tournament, becoming a 'true leading team,'" said Coach Okumura. "Our team has many younger students and we still haven't fulfilled our potential. We will train hard in order to play a level of baseball which is worthy of a true leading team."