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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Tanzan Ishibashi Memorial Waseda Journalism Award: Panel Discussion

Holding a discussion on "Crisis and Journalism"

Previous award-winning works were displayed in the discussion venue

Panel discussion held by (from left) Professor Fukagawa, Mr. Sano, Ms. Egawa and Mr. Goto

On May 18th, a panel discussion for the Tanzan Ishibashi Memorial Waseda Journalism Award was held at our university's Masaru Ibuka Auditorium. The discussion was entitled "Crisis and Journalism-How Should We Confront an Age of Crisis?" At the start of accepting entries for the Tanzan Ishibashi Memorial Waseda Journalism Award, this panel discussion sought to examine issues related to the current condition of journalism.

Panelists consisted of the following Waseda University alumni who are current or former members of the award selection committee: non-fiction writer Shinichi Sano and journalists Kenji Goto and Shoko Egawa. The discussion was moderated by Professor Yukiko Fukagawa (Faculty of Political Science and Economics), Director of our university's Office of Information and Public Relations. The discussion began with a lecture by panelists regarding journalism's inherent role of pursuing and conveying the truth. Next, a wide-ranging discussion was held on topics including the form of journalistic institutions and individuals, as well as qualities expected of journalism in the future.