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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Searching for a new form of a Japan which is facing difficult times

Holding the 3rd CEO Roundtable (Waseda Conference)

Professor Uchida (left) and President Sakane (right) engage in an open discussion

On May 16th and 17th, the CEO Roundtable (Waseda Conference) was held at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. At the roundtable, intellectuals and top executives from Japanese corporations discussed future corporate management and the form of Japanese society. On the 16th, prior to the roundtable, a commemorative lecture was held at our university's Masaru Ibuka Auditiorium. Following a speech by Mr. Masahiro Sakane, President of Komatsu Ltd., an open discussion was held between Mr. Sakane and Professor Kazunari Uchida of the Waseda University Business School.

Afterwards, a roundtable discussion was held by participants including Chairperson Atsutoshi Nishida (alumnus) of Toshiba Corporation and President Yasuchika Hasegawa (alumnus) of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The discussion included a lively exchange of opinions on global strategy, innovation and national strategy from a variety of perspectives.