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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Waseda University Senior High School is No. 1 American football team in Japan

Athletic teams continued to give outstanding performances in 2011

During the All-Japan Collegiate Championship Match held in Gifu from October 26th to 31st, 2011, the men’s tennis team defeated Keio University to capture the glory of being the first team in history to win seven consecutive championships. The women’s tennis team also performed magnificently to capture their sixth consecutive championship, playing outstanding tennis to defeat an Asia University team that was a troublesome rival during matches of the Kanto University League. Furthermore, on November 26th, the women’s basketball team advanced to the finals of the All-Japan Collegiate Basketball Championships for the first time ever. They boldly challenged the western powerhouse team from the Osaka University of Human Sciences and won their first championship in team history. The Japanese kenpo club also won their first championship ever by defeating the strong Chuo University club at the All-Japan Championships. At the Japan Intercollegiate Championships, the men’s track and field team won their first overall championship in 53 years. Additionally, 26 teams captured championships which included league championships, block tournaments and individual matches. We look forward to more inspiring performances during winter sporting events.

Also, the Waseda University Senior High School American football team played their opponent Osaka Sangyo University Senior High School to a tie during the January 23 Christmas Bowl, which is the All-Japan High School American Football Championship Game. The two teams shared this year’s title, giving our affiliated high school its second consecutive national championship and third in history. The team reported its championship to President Kamata on January 28th.

Track & Field Team

Tennis Team

Japanese Kenpo Club

Photograph: (c) Waseda Sports Newspaper Association

2011 student athletic teams/groups that won Japan championships (as of February 16th, 2012)
Team Name Tournament Name, etc. Results
Tennis Team 2011 All-Japan Collegiate Championship Match
Tennis Championship Match
Men’s Champion *7th consecutive
Women’s Champion *6th consecutive
Rowing Team 38th All-Japan Collegiate Championships Women’s Overall Champion
Track & Field Team 80th Inter-University Track & Field Championships Men’s Overall Champion
Basketball Team 63rd All-Japan Collegiate Basketball Championships Women’s Champion *1st in team history
Soft Tennis Team 31st All-Japan Collegiate Soft Tennis Championship Match & Group Match Women’s Champion
Semi-Hardball Baseball Team 2011 Tokyo Big 6 Semi-Hardball Baseball Spring League Championship Champion
2011 Tokyo Big 6 Semi-Hardball Baseball Autumn League Championship Champion *Consecutive championships in spring/autumn
Aikido Club 42nd All-Japan Inter-University Aikido Championships Men’s Freestyle Group Match Champion
Women’s Freestyle Group Match Champion *2nd consecutive
Japanese Kenpo Club 56th All-Japan Collegiate Japanese Kenpo Championships Champion *1st in club history
Lacrosse Club 3rd All-Japan Inter-University Lacrosse Championships Men’s Championship Game Champion *2nd consecutive
2012 Waseda University Academic Calendar
Entrance Ceremony Undergraduate Schools April 1st (Sun.)
Graduate Schools April 2nd (Mon.)
First Semester Start of First Semester April 1st (Sun.)
Last Day of Classes August 2nd (Thurs.)
Summer Vacation Start August 3rd (Fri.)
End September 20th (Thurs.)
September undergraduate school graduation ceremony, graduation ceremony
for Art and Architecture School, degree ceremony for graduate schools
September 15th (Sat.)
September Entrance Ceremony September 22nd (Sat./holiday)
Second Semester Start of Second Semester September 21st (Fri.)
Anniversary of University Founding October 21st (Sun.)
Winter Vacation Start December 23rd (Sun.)
End January 5th, 2013 (Sat.)
Last Day of Classes February 5th (Tues.)
Spring Vacation Start February 6th (Wed.)
End March 31st (Sun.)
Undergraduate school graduation ceremony, graduation ceremony for Art and Architecture School, degree ceremony for graduate schools March 25th (Mon.)
March 26th (Tues.)
  • *As a general rule, the first day of classes for the first semester will be April 6th (Fri.) and the first day of classes for the second semester will be September 28th (Fri.).
  • *Classes will be held as normal on July 16th (Mon.; Marine Day), October 8th (Mon.; National Sports Day) and November 23rd (Fri.; Labor Thanksgiving Day). In exchange for holding classes on these three days, classes will not be held on May 1st (Tues.), May 2nd (Wed.) and January 15th (Tues.), 2013.
2012 Entrance Ceremony
1.Joint entrance ceremonies for undergraduate schools

April 1st (Sun.) Memorial Hall

Session 1 9:30 School of Political Science and Economics, School of Law, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Session 2 11:45 School of Education, School of Human Sciences (Including Distance Education Program), School of International Liberal Studies
Session 3 14:15 School of Culture, Media and Society, School of Commerce, School of Social Sciences
Session 4 16:15 School of Culture, Media and Society, School of Commerce, School of Social Sciences
2.Joint entrance ceremonies for graduate schools

April 2nd (Mon.), 10:00: Memorial Hall (excluding the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems*)
*Entrance ceremony for the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems will be held in the conference hall of the Kitakyushu Science and Research Park.

3.Entrance ceremony for Waseda University Senior High School

April 8th (Sun.), 10:00: Okuma Auditorium

Entrance ceremony for Waseda University Junior High School

April 8th (Sun.), 14:00: Okuma Auditorium

4.Entrance ceremony for Waseda University Honjo Senior High School

April 7th (Sat.), 13:00: Okuma Auditorium

5.Entrance ceremony for the Art and Architecture School

April 2nd (Mon.), 18:30: Nishi-Waseda Campus, Building No. 63, Meeting Room #3 (scheduled)