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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Cooperating with the Japan Next Project of the Cabin Secretariat

School of International Liberal Studies holds Cool Japan Event in three countries

In February and March, Waseda University and our affiliated overseas universities cooperated to hold events in three countries as part of the Japan Next Project which is sponsored by the Cabin Secretariat's Office to Promote Intellectual Property Strategy.

On February 7th, a symposium entitled "Creation of New Value by the Young Generation-Cool Japan Based on Youth Culture" was held at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. During the symposium Professor Masakazu Iino (Faculty of International Research and Education) and 18 students from the School of International Liberal Studies introduced familiar Japanese pop culture. The exciting event was punctuated by many cheers from the approximately 300 students, faculty and staff who attended.

On March 15th, a symposium entitled "Remaking Japan-The Sensitivity and Philosophy for Construction of Japan by New Generations" was held at The University of Queensland, Australia. The event was held by Professor Christopher Pokarier (School of International Liberal Studies) and Associate Professor Julian Worral (Institute for Advanced Study). More than 400 people attended to hear the two Australian-born Professors report on the state of Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Professors expressed strong interest and great expectations for collaboration between Japan's value of coexistence with nature and high-level construction techniques.

On March 16th, the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Festival was held at the Beijing Film Academy in China. The festival featured an advanced screening of A Glimpse of Kyoto, a film on Japanese culture that was jointly produced by Waseda University and the Beijing Film Academy. The film has yet to be released in Japan. Another feature was a panel discussion of Cool Japan culture by students, manga artist Yukari Ichijo and actor Tetsuya Bessho. The discussion was moderated by Professor Kohei Ando (Faculty of Science and Engineering). 850 students from Beijing participated in the event and showed a deep interest in Japanese animation and traditional Japanese culture.

Symposium held at The University of Queensland

Waseda students give a presentation at Chulalongkorn University

Panel discussion held during the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Festival