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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Even with the effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake, results are the same as normal years

2011 employment conditions

*Employers of at least 20 students
*Numbers in the chart are based on a survey by the Career Center (as of April 11th, 2012)

As usual, students who graduated or finished degree courses in 2011 began their search for employment in the fall of 2010. However, due to the Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred on March 11th, many corporations announced that they would suspend hiring activities for the foreseeable future. Even so, as is the custom every year, many corporations sent out offer letters in April. This resulted in a somewhat chaotic situation. Amidst such conditions, the MEXT and the Career Center conveyed a variety of information through their homepages and portal sites. The spread of smartphones has also enabled students to gather information by using social media such as Twitter and mixi. These sources of information helped students overcome the difficult situation.

Indeed, hiring activities were actually suspended by the mega-banks, major trading firms and some of the major manufacturers where many Waseda students seek employment. As a result, employment search activities were slightly more prolonged than in normal years. The peak of job offers sent by corporations shifted later in the year from May to August. However, the final employment status did not differ significantly from normal years.

Career path of graduates

A total of 9,343 undergraduate students reported on their career path. Of that total, 6,019 (64.4%) entered employment, 2,067 (22.1%) elected to pursue further studies or study abroad, 237 (2.6%) took certification examinations, and 1,020 (10.9%) had other plans or had yet to decide their career path. Trends for recent years show that 60% to 70% of undergraduate students enter employment and approximately 20% pursue further studies. When comparing 2011 to the previous academic year, students entering employment decreased by 0.1%, students pursuing further study fell by 0.8%, students taking examinations decreased by 0.8%, and students with other plans increased by 1.6%. In terms of students entering employment, no significant change was observed.

In the case of graduate students (Master's Program), 3,075 students reported on their career path. Of that number, 2,145 (70.2%) entered employment, 243 (7.9%) chose to pursue further studies or study abroad, 247 (8.1%) took certification examinations, and 422 (13.8%) had other plans or had yet to decide their career path. Compared to the previous academic year, students entering employment increased by 3.5%, students pursuing further studies decreased by 2.1%, students taking examinations fell by 1.5%, and students with other plans rose by 0.1%. In terms of students entering employment, graduate students did quite well.

The chart on the right shows employment status by corporation (20 or more students hired). Overall, financial institutions and the manufacturing industry compose a large ratio and trends are in line with normal years.

Career and employment support from the Career Center

The Waseda University Career Center provides students with support in two major categories. First, for 1st- and 2nd-year students, we issue pamphlets which describe methods for utilizing university resources to achieve "self-creation." We also hold seminars featuring public interviews with numerous working professionals who discuss themes including living and working. Furthermore, we offer experienced-based programs for students in lower grades. These programs include internships and job shadowing (spending time with working professionals in order to observe their work).

For students in their 3rd year and later who are searching for employment, we hold industry research seminars, corporate information sessions within the university, and other programs for researching industries and corporations. We also offer employment skill seminars such as interview training and group discussion training. Additionally, the Waseda-net portal site lists information such as job openings and lists of former Waseda graduates. Information is also provided through pamphlets and email newsletters.

Individual counseling is also available at anytime regardless of grade. Counseling is provided by staff, external counselors and student career advisors (only students who have already received job offers and are in the second half of their final year).

All career support programs are connected and go much deeper than superficial employment support. The programs are composed based on the policy of cultivating students who can live and perform in a demanding society.

*Numbers in the chart are based on a survey by the Career Center (as of April 11th, 2012)