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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Form of education and schools as explored from brain science

Special lecture: Child Development and Brain Science

From left, Professor Makoto Hori (institute Director), Professor Abiko, Professor Nakagaki and Professor Sakatsume

On March 17th, the Waseda University Institute for Advanced Studies in Education held a special lecture entitled "Child Development and Brain Science." The event featured three lectures: "Child Development, Brain Science and Curriculum Development," given by Professor Tadahiko Abiko (Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences), "The Mystery of Intellectual Development and Brain Science," given by Professor Akira Nakagaki (same), and "Development Disorders, Brain Science and Educational Support," given by Professor Kazuyuki Sakatsume (same).

During the summary discussion, the perspective of brain science was used to analyze mismatches between school educational systems and the emotional/physical growth and development of today's children. The discussion focused on the ideal form of modern education and schools, including the development of school curriculums. Approximately 200 people attended the lecture and listened intently.