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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Full of dreams and entering a new world

2011 Graduation Ceremony, Degree Confirmation Ceremony and 2012 Entrance Ceremony

Mr. Atsushi Miyagi (right), recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports

On March 25th and 26th, the 2011 Graduation Ceremony was held for undergraduate schools and the Art and Architecture School, and the Degree Confirmation Ceremony for graduate schools. A total of 12,345 students left our university to pursue their future. The ceremonies were blessed with outstanding weather and the campus atmosphere was brightened by graduates dressed in suits, colorful longs-sleeved kimonos and hakamas, as well as the smiles of their families. President Kamata offered the following farewell message in celebration of the graduates' future: "As of today, you are all now alumni of Waseda University. I am confident that you will work throughout your life to spread the founding spirit of our university, and to realize world peace and the happiness of mankind."

Furthermore, on April 1st and 2nd, the 2012 Entrance Ceremony was held to welcome 13,496 new undergraduate and graduate students to our university. The new students attended the ceremony with a mix of expectation and nervousness regarding their new environment. "Be proactive in acquiring as many experiences as possible," encouraged President Kamata. "I hope that you will acquire a broad, deep education and develop rich humanity at our school."

At the undergraduate Entrance Ceremony held on the 1st, the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports was presented to alumni who have made outstanding achievements in promoting sports. Moreover, the title of Honorable Fellow was bestowed on former full-time faculty of our university who have raised outstanding research results to lead the academic world and who have been highly recognized by society.

Mr. Atsushi Miyagi (1955 Graduate from the School of Commerce I), advisor to the Japan Tennis Association, was presented the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports in recognition of how we instilled Japanese people with courage with his powerful play after WWII. He was also recognized for his hard work to cultivate new athletes and promote sports in regional society, as well as his enormous contributions to our university over a period of many years. The title of Honorable Fellow was awarded to Professor Emeritus Kazuko Mori (former Professor in the Faculty of Political Science and Economics). In the past, the same title has been awarded to the Professor Emeriti Toshio Kawatake, Tsukasa Shimizu, Yoshiro Ikehara and Kuniaki Tatsuta.

Professor Kazuko Mori speaks after receiving the title of Honorary Fellow

Graduates receive their degrees from President Kamata

Waseda Campus bustles with new students and their families