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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Japan's Super Science High Schools (SSH) and Taiwan's High Scope Program (HSP) participate in the Science Education Exchange Symposium

Lively international exchange at Waseda Honjo Senior High School

The Taiwan HSP/Japan SSH Science Education Exchange Symposium (SEES) 2011 was held from the 18th to 22nd of December at Waseda Honjo Senior High School and Waseda Research Park. Students from 11 schools in Taiwan's HSP program and 11 schools in Japan's SSH program participated in the symposium which aimed to review next-generation scientific education programs and to promote exchange between Japan and Taiwan. The name "SEES" expresses the hope that this symposium will plant the "seeds" of scientists in both Japan and Taiwan.

The symposium featured a variety of events such as student research presentations, poster discussions, theme contests, cultural exchanges, field trips and instructor-led workshops. All of these events were greeted by thunderous applause from participants who listened intently. Both students and faculties had numerous new experiences at the symposium.

All participants smile for a commemorative photograph