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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Certificate of gratitude presented by Director of the Center for International Education

Foreign students experience a homestay in Daito Town, Shimane Prefecture

Memorial photograph taken after presentation of the certificate of gratitude

Since 1986, our university has held the Waseda University Foreign Student Homestay Program through cooperation with the Daito International Cultural Exchange Association of Daito Town, Unnan City in Shimane Prefecture. This year, marks the 27th year of the program. On February 5th, a welcome party was held in Daito Town for 6 foreign students from America and Canada who are scheduled to stay in the town for about one month until March 3rd.

During the welcome party, Professor Kazuo Kuroda (Director of the Center for International Education) expressed his thanks to the association for contribution to the growth of international educational exchange at Waseda University. He also presented the association with a certificate of gratitude. Kathleen Sen (School of International Liberal Studies) represented the foreign students and gave a speech in which she called for a spirit of friendship for creating a wonderful future. The enjoyable part ended with a dance performance by the Shinto Music Club of Unnan City Ushio Junior High School.

The foreign students will interact with local people by visiting elementary and junior high schools within the city and by visiting temples and shrines. They will also study the culture of Unnan City and Japan through experiences such as Zen meditation and pottery making.