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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Holding a memorial lecture which allows students to experience the academic approach

The Open Education Center greets its 10th anniversary

Classroom is filled with more than 700 enrollees

It has been 10 years since the Open Education Center was opened with the goal of realizing comprehensive and varied education that transcends the boundaries of individual faculties. In the autumn semester, the center celebrated its 10th anniversary by holding a memorial lecture entitled "Doraemon and A Rendering of Japan's Future." "We wanted to create a class which provides students with hints for considering the future against a background of theory from each field of expertise," said Professor Masao Hijikata from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Through the comic character Doraemon, students learn about a variety of fields including scientific technology, society, culture and contents business. Students themselves consider and predict the future of Japan and conceive their own rendering of the future. The lecture also allows student to fully experience the appeal of the academic approach. A total of 15 classes were held, with 2 classes being held at Okuma Auditorium and open to students. Moreover, Michiko Nomura, the voice actor who portrayed the character Shizuka until 2005, was a guest instructor in November. Also, the final class in January was taught by the guest instructor Kenshi Hirokane, a Waseda alumni and manga writer known for the "Kosaku Shima" series. The classroom was packed with students who listened intently.