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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Opportunities for gaining understanding towards Waseda from supporters and alumni

Holding of the Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum and the Waseda Tomon Economists Gathering

On November 18th, approximately 100 special members of the Waseda Supporters Club attended an event entitled "A Gathering with Waseda Supporters: The Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2011." Professor Masayasu Kitagawa (Faculty of Political Science and Economics) gave a lecture named "Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Form of Country-Building and Town-Building." Reports were also given on student volunteer activities in disaster areas (photograph on left). Afterwards, a party was held with attendance from famous alumni active in political circles and student athletes who are outstanding in sports. The forum was concluded when the Cheering Club led everyone in singing a chorus of the school song and cheering songs.

Also, on January 23rd the Waseda Tomon Economists Gathering 2012 was held with participation from about 400 alumni who are active in economic circles both domestically and overseas. At the gathering, Vice-President Hashimoto delivered a speech about Waseda Vision 150. During the networking event, Mr. Norio Sasaki (President of Toshiba; photograph on right) gave a speech which offered a message of encouragement. All in all, the gathering was a great success.